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Today's Deals 904-345-5400
Today's Deals 904-345-5400
The Royal Foam Vendor

The Royal Foam Vendor

Royal Foam also covers a full range of foam products for the construction ,craft and special events industries. These products are available in sheets, blocks, spheres, cones and many other shapes. They are available to the consumer from major craft and floral retailers throughout the country.​

We are especially fond of other online retailers,If you currently sell foam products, construction products, advertising, we want to be part of your business. We are also interested in offering our products through other enlightened channels.

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Royal Foam Sales & Distribution

Due to the complex nature of the Royal Foam products , most of the initial sales will be managed and processed through personal contact or by established resellers. Royal Foam, if you are a consultant within the interior and exterior architecturally designed EPS foam composites and feel that you could represent our commercial technologies from an informed standpoint, we would be interested in adding you as a dealer.

At the bottom on this page has some forms that must be completed before we certify you as a dealer. Please download each file and fill them out to the best of your abilities. At your convenience, please fax or email them back to the Royal Foam. 

Additionally, we will need a copy of:

  • Current Business License (if available)

  • Reseller’s Permit with Valid State ID#

  • Signed W-9 on file with current EIN

If you do not have these, please contact us for alternate instructions. As soon as you are approved as a reseller, we will provide you with a wholesale / distributor price list, marketing materials,high resolution images in TIF, PSD, JPG, and transparent PNG,and list you in our Dealer’s Network.

If you are interested in volume / bulk purchases or wish to resell the Royal Foam products we would be more than happy to send an electronic dealer packet which includes an application, resellers agreement, and pricing. Simply fill out the online form, and we will have a sales representative contact you as soon as time permits. We reserve the right to approve or decline any vendor application.

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