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Today's Deals 904-345-5400

Designs for Places of Worship

Designs for Places of Worship

20 years in a row Royal Foam Inc takes a leading position among manufacturers of interior and exterior architectural accents and sculpture enlargements.

Experienced craftsmen allow us to design, produce, and finish high quality interior and exterior architectural accents at reasonable price. From contemporary to traditional and colonial styles, we offer pieces to compliment every church style.

A large array of standard designs and finishes provides you with ready architectural solution on demand, and custom designs will help you to stand out the crowd!

Shop from standard selections or call to further discuss your ideas and needs for custombuilt pieces. Creating an elegant and functional space at the chancel area will help bring the focus and attention of the audience to the pulpit area.

Interior design for Places of Worship

Artists specializing in contemporary or traditional designs are available for consultation. They are interested in serving your design wishes.

In addition to our in-house designers, we work with several independent artists to give you a complete range of design alternatives. All of our work has an unlimited guarantee on workmanship and materials.

To add even more elegancy to the final product we can offer imitation of surfaces such as marble, stone wood and more.

Creating the design

The design for altar, window, mural, or whatever the desired object, is created and laid out by professional designers of the Royal Foam inc with the assistance of capable artist.

Here originate all the sketches in line and color, the full size drawings, and working details that later are becoming a masterpiece.

For Inspiration, our Gallery – more solutions