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Stucco fence or stucco wall

We produce custom Architectural Fence all style

Privacy fence panels, security fence or stucco wall, first introduced by the ancient Greeks and Romans, is still widely used throughout the building industry. Throughout history, stucco security fence has been used in various styles, forms, and by many different cultures. Made from simple and relatively inexpensive materials, privacy fence panels – stucco walls are a great option for a beautiful yet subtle design for a residential or commercial application.
Stucco fence or stucco wall

Privacy fence panels, security fence or stucco wall has been popular in Spanish-style housing and is also becoming more popular in all types of construction because of the simple, yet appealing design. In the United States, stucco security fence first began to be used in the early 1800’s. The original intent was to imitate the styles and design of European architecture and was used for residential and small commercial applications. Stucco security fences became mainstream because of the many advantages it offered over common brick walls. Stucco security fence was seen as being warmer and more inviting in addition to offering the builder more flexibility in the use of colors and designs. Most importantly, stucco can be made and applied at a lower cost than brick and stone.

Stucco fence or stucco wall

Benefits of Decorative Architectural Shapes Fences – privacy fence panels – security fence – stucco wall

  • A privacy fence panels structurally strong but very light weight system that is fast and simple to install when compared to masonry walls.
  • The steel reinforced post and panel form of construction makes the Decorative Architectural Shapes privacy fence panels extremely sturdy allowing it to be engineered to meet and/or exceed all City, County and State wind load requirements.
  • The structural strength of a vertical cylinder footer together with the stress absorbing foam core panels, which are integral to the design, offer superior protection during thunderstorms, hurricanes and earthquakes.
  • The design of the system precludes water absorption by the panels and allows unrestricted sheet flow of water under the wall.
  • Unlimited custom architectural design so a variety of aesthetic features, finishes and accents can be incorporated- stone, brick, marble, stucco, tile; columns, caps, pediments. Columns can be added at any intervals at any location along the length of the wall, also allowing complete design and aesthetic flexibility.
  • Superior sound barrier characteristics – the panels are constructed to deflect and/or trap sound and serve as an extremely effective noise barrier.
  • Durability – elements will not peel, crack, warp, rust or rot. The high impact and weather resistant, insect proof finish is virtually maintenance free.
  • The construction of the system is such that it is easy to follow ground contours without stepping the wall. Installation on zero lot line and around existing landscape and in difficult, hilly and varied terrain is also problem free. 

The Layout

The layout is the most critical part of the job. The Decorative Architectural Shapes do not take this lightly. Given our years of experience we know how to navigate the most difficult situations. Be it a phone line or the root of your favorite tree your we will prevail. Where concrete walls require feet we require inches. It involves placing a string line where the actual wall will be installed.

Stucco fence or stucco wallStucco fence or stucco wall

The Footing

The Decorative Architectural Shapes believe strongly in using cement that is 3000psi ( pounds per square inch ) strength concrete. NO bags here we prefer the real deal. Others who cut corners by using bags compromise the integrity of your wall. In addition The Decorative Architectural Shapes use 16 gauge Galvanized beams or Galvanized pipes for long lasting stability.

The Foam

At this point The Decorative Architectural Shapes install the backdrop for your outdoor living environment ! Foam Panels are placed between the galvanized steel beams or pipes to form the actual wall. Rust proof corner bead creates a permanently clean outline of your wall. Again, The Decorative Architectural Shapes do not cut corners when it comes to internal construction of your wall.


Your choice Our pleasure ! The Decorative Architectural Shapes take great pride in our abilities to match your existing stucco or create the pattern of your dreams. Not sure ? We know what works. Be it Mediterranean or Modern we can deliver.


Again, another overlooked necessity. No worries here. The Decorative Architectural Shapes use specifically engineered stucco primer and mildew resistant paint to withstand the extreme subtropical climate.

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